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Training Packages


PURE - Strength + Wellness offers packages that can fit any budget, time and schedule. We are fully flexible in tailoring the Training Packages to the individuals needs.


                                                    Our packages are usually set-up for 30 minute sessions, although 60 minutes is available.  Packages are based on a set number of sessions per week/month. The Training Sessions are released to your personal account on a monthly basis at the time of automatic or manual payment.  You can then schedule the sessions at your convinience with your trainer through an online scheduler, EZ Facility, a well recognized software in the health & fitness industry. 


Any client is free to use the PURE Strength + Wellness Training Facility at any point during regular opening hours, except during Boot Camp and Yoga on Saturdays.


Scheduling training sessions with a PURE Strength + Wellness Training Professional isn't restricted to the regular opening hours of PURE Strength + Wellness, but to the Training Professionals' induvidual weekly schedule that is available through the online EZ Facility scheduler.


There are no hidden costs when becoming a client at PURE Strength + Wellness. There are no joining fees, cancelation fees, renewal fees or maintenace costs. Your cost is strictly towards the training package and the time spent with a Training Professional.


All clients recieve a wellness binder with general information about our training philosphy, including nutritional and other lifestyle information.  Clients will also have their individual workouts emailed to them following the workout, allowing them to follow the progression of themsleves during their transformation. This also allows our trainers to tweak an individuals program accordingly.


Client Packages


Client Packages are for new clients to Pure.  They are based on 1 year (12 months) of training, and set-up as 12 individual monthly packages. 

At the beginning of the package there is an initial "double' payment. this payment is to cover the months of the year that hold 5 weeks rather than the regular 4. This ensures that the client has sufficient sessions throughout the length of the package to cover these 4 extra weeks in the year.







1X per Week (4X per Month)

   $37 per session

monthly payments of $148



2X per Week (8X per Month)

$35.50 per session

monthly payments of $284



3X per Week (12X per Month)

$34 per session

monthly payments of $408



4X per Week (16X per Month)

$32 per session

monthly payments of $512



5X per Week (20X per Month)

$29.50 per session

monthly payments of $590




The training sessions have no expiry date.  Packages can be frozen, changed to a greater or lesser package,extended beyond 1 year, or cancelled at any point with a full refund given for any training sessions unused.


Clients may pay for 12 months of training in full for a 5% discount.



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