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Pure - Strength + Wellness is 4000 square foot Health and Wellness studio, specializing in Personal Training, also offering Functional Movement Screenings, health check markers and general fitness classes.

Personal Training

The main focus at PURE - Strength + Wellness is individualized Personal Training. Clients at all fitness levels and age ranges work 1 on 1 with qualified, knowledgeable and experienced Training Professionals toward short and long term life-style alterations and personal health and wellness goals.


From elderly clients working on mobility and strength, to individuals working on weight and fat reduction, children and young adults working on general fitness and movement patterns, to indivduals working on pain reduction and improved functional strength, to sport specific training for athletes, all types are catered for at PURE - Strength + Wellness.





PURE - Strength + Wellness Training is based on Functional Training.  Functional Training is a classification of exercise which involves training the body for the activities performed in daily life.  All of these actvities are divided into several groups of movements, called Primal Movements, that the human body is designed to perform to withstand the forces of gravity and ground-reaction-force.  Primal movements should be performed with both mobility and stability, without pain, controlled at varying speeds and intensities, in combinations of the 3-planes of human movement, Sagittal, Frontal and Transverse Plane.


The primal movements are basic everyday movements. Lunge, squat, bend, push (horizontally & vertically), pull (horizontally & vertically), rotation and gait (walk/jog/run) are all deemed movements we, as humans, have evolved to do in order to survive in our environments.


These applications of Functional Training can be applied to an individuals' goals, including improved molbility, fat reduction, weight loss, muscle gain, strength development. They are adaptable to individuals' ability depending on experience, fitness level, health status, and physical limitations. 


These movement patterns are further enhanced for the individual by utilizing more specific isolation exercises or movements to work on an individual's weaker areas, maybe in mobility or stability, to improve the functioning of the whole full body movements. Muscle imbalances are identified initally though observations and screens by the trainer and then ongoing throughout the program and training package.

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