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PURE Strength + Wellness Fitness Professionals are fully committed to the needs and goals of the client.  They prescribe exercise, intensity and programs tailored to the individual and with constant correction, interaction and attention, lead the client efficiently and effectively towards their goals.

PURE Strength + Wellness Fitness Professionals are not only qualified by some of the most recognized organizations in the health and fitness field, but also constantly looking to add to this base of knowledge with new concepts, theories and expertise in every aspect of overall wellness.


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Brandon Larkin

Brandon Larkin. An ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, as well as an NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist.
I have my A.A.S in Exercise Science from Columbus State, and my B.S in Physical Activity & Coaching from THE Ohio State University.
My passion for health & fitness came from my own personal weight loss journey in high school. I lost 60lbs, and it was incredibly difficult to do alone. I wanted to get into the field to make myself a resource for people who are looking for guidance in their own journeys.
I currently compete in MMA and Brazilian JiuJitsu, under my uncle, black belt & owner of Ruffhouse JiuJitsu.
I love cooking and experimenting in the kitchen. I also enjoy painting, and reading for leisure (dystopian fantasy westerns are my favorite)

I have a fiancé, Sydney, we have been together since high school. We are due to wed this October. We also have a puppy, Hazel. We enjoy going on walks with our pup, visiting local breweries, new restaurants, and anything outdoors.

Stephen Murawski

What motivates you?


Stephen is determined to find that answer in each and every client he works with.


By using a contemporary style of functional and correctional training methods, Stephen creates a structured, but fun atmosphere that provides positive changes in fitness, wellness, and lifestyle.


Stephen has 9 years of experience in the Health and Fitness field and possesses top personal training certifications with the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and Functional Movement Screening.  During his career, he has worked with a wide variety of clients, but specializes in weight loss and athlete clients.  His most recent accomplishment was "Trainer of the Month" from Elivate Fitness (


Stephen played competitive soccer growing up and went on to play in college at the University of Toledo.  In his free time, he enjoys soccer, running local races, and spending time with his wife Amy and dog Rooney.


“Success is no accident” – Pele

Marlon Steele

Marlon has been involved in personal training, fitness coaching, sports conditioning and the health and wellness industry for over ten years.


He's trained and motivated indiviiduals and teams in all aspects of health, fitness and wellness. Marlon has worked in many areas, from sports fitness conditioning, injury rehabilitation, to improved physical functioning and lifestyle modification. The latter also includes improving health through lifestyle modifications contributing to medication reduction and eradication.


Marlon holds a Post Grad Masters degree in Exercise Physiology- Strength & Conditioning and a BSc degree (honors) in Sports & Exercise Science. Marlon also holds the industry certifications — NSCA-CSCS, FMS- Functional Movement Screen, and a Level-1 Precision Nutrition.


Marlon's interested not just in the physical aspect of training for the improvement of fitness and health, but also the mental, emotional and lifestyle aspects of human health; the total compilation of these elements. He believes that all of these elements interact to affect our overall health, both physically and mentally.


We have developed at PURE - Strength + Wellness, an environment that we hope inspires clients to focus on their strength and fitness development, and motivates them to make managable and sustainable changes to their lifestyle in order to improve their health and wellness.


Please contact us for a fully complimentary, no obligation, consultation and trial workout here at PURE - Strength + Wellness. 

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